IT Infrastructure and Support

Today, IT infrastructure playing important role in many business. The hardware infrastructure usually involves servers; storage; networking and mobile devices. The software including databases, HR applications, analytical applications, office productivity suites and many others. All of these software involves licensing.

An IT infrastructure also requires careful consideration of IT security. This can include physical security like door entry system, CCTV and the hardening of server and storage, etc.

Any user does expect their applications may not work all the time? Our solution is balancing cost and driven to achieve zero downtime, including architecture design, application development, system administration, operations and so on.

Again, we are familiar with XPP, most of the XPP are using under Unix platform in Hong Kong financial printing industry. There are many pitfalls to setup constraints for yourself if no details and well prepared planning beforehand.

Our infrastructure consultant services help clients reduce costs and gain efficiency, flexibility and scalability.

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